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If a large, mostly unmovable work bench does not work for your situation, then a folding work bench may be exactly what you need.  We have brought together six different options for folding work benches that offer many different kinds of solutions, from a work bench that folds up on a piano hinge, to one with extra storage, to another that is completely mobile, and another that you fold down from the wall and can move around the shop according to your needs.  If the ultimate work bench, a project which we reviewed in this prior post here is not for you, then a folding work bench will give you the table space you need with out taking up too much space.

DIY Fold Down Workbench | April Wilkerson

Folding Work Bench Video Summary:  

This is a quick and easy video to watch and April breaks down this folding work bench project very well.  She doesn’t make it too complicated, but easily explains each step as she constructs the project.  This project is simple in design and very accomplishable on a Saturday morning when you have some time.

Folding Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:36) – Ripping plywood, cutting and assembling inside frame;

(1:41) – Wall layout and piano hinge mounting;

(2:52) – Leg construction and attachment to frame with hardware;

(3:54) – Stop block for legs and latch for the wall;

(4:35) – Project overview.

How To Build A Workbench Out Of 2×4 and Plywood – That Folds Up | DIY Creators

Folding Work Bench Video Summary:  

This project would be a great option when you want a compact bench you are interested in for its mobility or to be stored away, as this folding workbench does not attach to the wall.  He has great tips on how he went about assembling the bench and what important aspects to worry about at each point along the way.  I also liked the fact that he pointed out what he did right and wrong on this folding workbench, and what aspects of his build weren’t that important.

Folding Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:46) – Materials list;

(0:58) – Ripping plywood and cutting supports;

(1:32) – Table layout and folding leg template cut out;

(5:15) – Leg and table frame construction;

(7:01) – Bottom shelf and shelf support;

(8:31) – Bottom shelf attachment for the folded position;

(9:03) – Handle attachment.

Unique Folding Work Bench Video Clips:

(3:13) – I really liked his breakdown of the pieces he cut and what is needed to have on hand before assembling.

(5:15) – I liked how he marked exactly where each hole he should drill with the bolt hammered through the template.

Fold Up Work Bench Closer Look | Craig English

Tools Used In This Folding Bench Video:

Download plans for this work bench here.

Folding Work Bench Video Summary:  

This video combines the ideas found in a couple of the previous videos we have posted: a table that folds up on the wall and a table that you can move around your shop.  This is a post build video where he just explains what he did rather than videoing the construction process.  I really like the fact that this work bench is easily storable on the wall and folds up to be out of the way, but it also can be used anywhere in your wood shop.  If you want to use it next to the wall you can, but it will also go anywhere else, and options are great to have sometimes.  I really like the fact that he has thought the project through and added specific things like wall bumpers so as not to scratch the table top or the wall itself.

Folding Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:45) – Casters;

(1:04) – Carriage bolt leg attachment and assembly;

(1:30) – Work bench support layout;

(2:02) – Stretcher layout and assembly;

(2:32) – Folding down the bench and table top explanation;

(3:08) – Wall connections and coat hooks for emergency stop ;

(3:48) – Latch system;

(4:06) – Process for folding up the work bench.

DIY Fold-Up Workbench – Saturday Morning Workshop | Family Handyman

Folding Work Bench Video Summary:  

If you want simplified design and support for your fold down work bench, along with some storage to go with it, this is the option for you.  This is a step-by-step build video, though there is no voice-over to explain specific issues to be aware of during the build or how he went about building it.  If I chose this type of fold down work bench, I would likely want to beef up the structural support and change the fold down mechanism, as well as beef up the attachment of the storage box to the studs.  Other than that, this video provides one option for a compact work bench that gives you some extra storage space.

Folding Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:11) – Cutting;

(0:20) – Pegboard frame layout and construction;

(0:43) – Attaching pegboard and frame to storage box;

(1:19) – Work bench frame, top, and reinforcement construction;

(2:03) – Hinges and support hinges added to legs;

(2:30) – Storage frame and shelf attachment to peg board;

(2:50) – Attaching pegboard and frame to the studs;

(3:02) – Attaching storage box frame and shelves to the pegboard and studs;

(3:16) – Fold down work bench attachment to storage box with temporary support;

(3:44) – Addition of a safety hasp to keep the work bench closed and vertical when not in use.

Unique Folding Work Bench Video Clips:

I do like that he added notes on the video for what materials he used in his construction process.

Garage Storage + Folding Workbench Update | ryanjetskipro

Tools Used In This Work Bench Video:

Folding Work Bench Video Summary:  

This option for a folding work bench is mostly used as a permanent work bench.  Ryan has attached this work bench  to the wall and constructed it so that it can be folded down with effort.

Folding Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:10) – He reviews a lot of the ways in which he added storage to his garage (you can skip this part);

(3:46) – Work dimensions, construction, and layout overview;

(5:20) – 4×4 leg supports;

(7:40) – More storage solutions (also skip-able). 

Unique Folding Work Bench Video Clips:

(5:20) – I like his explanation for the angled leg supports, which he purposely built so that he doesn’t kick them with his feet and they aren’t in the way of the rest of his garage.

DIY Folding Workbench – How To – shipping container shop | homesteadonomics

Tools Used In This Folding Bench Video:

Folding Bench Video Summary:  

This option is good if you know how weld, but an imaginative wood worker could probably come up with some substitute wood supports.  This fold down work bench is also really good for very confined spaces.  His design is for a narrow table top, which is perfect for his space, but could be adjusted depending on your needs.  Some concerns with his design would be dusting getting in the seam between the folding table top and the table top attached to the wall.  I also would recommend a different solution for his screw-in-the-floor stops for the folding work bench, would I think will cause a tripping hazard in the future.

Folding Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:23) – Steel leg construction, painting, and attachment to wall;

(2:03) – Work bench top and support construction;

(2:44) – Bench top pre-drilling, hinges, and attachment to wall;

(3:28) – Answering questions.

Unique Folding Bench Video Clips:

(2:44) – The way he built his work bench allows for the supports to fold into the wall and the bench top to fold down on top of those supports.