DIY Work Bench - 6 Excellent Tutorial Videos - #sawdustprojects

The mighty, the daunting, the someday-I-will-build-one-of-those (cue dramatic music) DIY work bench.  Gathered together are 6 of some of the best ways to build and customize that work bench you have always wanted.   We have selected big-picture overview videos outlining the type of workbench and building styles, simple straight forward easy to build videos, complicated fine craftsmanship videos, and videos showing how to improve and customize your workbench.  These videos are a must watch before you take the plunge and build your own DIY work bench.

Watch This Before Building Your Workbench | Woodsmith

Tools Used In This Woodworking Bench Video:

Download the plans for these work benches here.

Work Bench Video Summary:  

This video is great if you want to get a big picture over view of the options and methods for building different approaches to the work bench.  This video  don’t go cut by cut giving you dimensions and what step comes next.  The focus of this video is the theory behind the build.  Why they would build one version as compared to another and the big picture to think about before building each version.  This video is definitely the video you should watch before deciding which kind of work bench you plan to build.

Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:36) – First example: mortise and tenon joinery for the heavy duty end of the work bench;

(1:59) – Draw-bolt joinery for the long distance between each end of the work bench;

(3:21) – Second example: L-shaped corners with MDF panel;

(3:47) – Face-block explanation;

(4:17) – Explanation for how to get the bench top flat and gluing mini-slabs;

(6:51) – Weekend work bench top build explanation with medium density fiberboard (MDF);

(9:01) – Clamping and vice solutions to add to any work bench;

(10:53) – Bench dog holes for pegs for use with your vice;

(11:42) – Traditional style work bench with a wood leg vice;

(12:30) – Tail vice for use with panels and long boards;

(12:48) – Explanation of square, recessed bench dog construction and use with the tail vice;

(15:26) – Storage cabinet for tools and accessories;

(16:19) – Vertical dividers and drawers for the weekend bench.

Unique Work Bench Video Clips:

(1:59) – I really liked how they showed the cross section for the draw-bolt joinery.

(5:40) – I liked how he explained how important it is for the mini-slabs to be glued on a flat surface.

Mega Workbench – How to Make a Woodworking Bench | Make Build Modify

Woodworking Workbench Video Summary:  

This is not just your average bench, it’s a heavy duty work bench.  If you know that you are never going to move and if you want a bench that you can use to prop up the tank you are working on, this bench is for you.  It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it’s sturdy and can be upgraded in the future. I really liked how he spent a lot of time on the layout and went over a bunch of tips as he assembled the workbench.

Woodworking Workbench Video Breakdown:

(0:29) – Ripping the boards to straighten them out;

(1:17) – Planing; 

(1:28) – Marking and measuring the height of his floor for level layout; 

(2:16) – Leg and side layout and assembly; 

(4:21) – Shelf support layout and attachment; 

(5:17) – Routing of the sides and attaching the horizontal support; 

(6:17) – Cutting and attaching the shelf stock; 

(7:31) – Table top assembly with the use of an angle iron; 

(8:57) – Fixing a bow in the table top; 

(12:02) – Cleaning, planing, and sanding the bench top.

Unique Woodworking Workbench Video Clips:

(0:29) – I really liked how he showed an easy way to create his own jointer jig from a straight piece of wood he already had; 

(1:28) – You don’t often find a use for a water level, but here he used it to figure out the height of his floor; 

(11:39) – Using beeswax on his drill bit, and silicone on the lag bolts to make them go in easier.

The PERFECT Woodworking Workbench // How To Build The Ultimate Hybrid Workholding Bench | Third Coast Craftsman

Woodworking Workbench Video Summary:  

If you are looking for a very well edited and dramatic video of how to build a workbench, this video is for you.  He does a goes over steps he takes and he includes dramatic slow motion shots of hand planing followed by wood shavings hitting his boots.  He mentions towards that end of the video that he created another step by step video and digital plans for this work bench which you can find and pay for here.

Woodworking Workbench Video Breakdown:

(0:43) – Cutting and ripping;

(1:40) – Gluing table top, legs and stretchers; 

(2:29) – Hand planing; 

(3:51) – Mortise and tenon creation with handsaw and drill press and chisels ; 

(5:38) – Squaring off the table top with a circular saw and hand saw; 

(7:11) – Explanation of prior cuts and features he will add to the table; 

(8:08) – Leg and stretcher assembly with dowel joinery; 

(9:06) – Spray painting the legs; 

(9:25) – Attaching the table top to the legs; 

(10:03) – Drilling and attaching the side pieces; 

(10:28) – Building the vice and drilling holes in the table tops for hold fast clamps.

Unique Woodworking Workbench Video Clips:

(8:08) – I really like how he assembled most of this project with dowels and made it look really classy.

Ultimate Workbench / Table Saw Outfeed Table | Woodworking Project | John Malecki

Woodworking Workbench Video Summary:  

This is a very detailed and intricate approach to a DIY workbench.  I would say that if this is the workbench you want to build, buy the plans as it seems like many of the details are glossed over in the video.  You can download the plans for this workbench on John’s website here.  That being said, the end result of the workbench looks fantastic and it seems like it would be very user friendly if you have a large enough woodshop.  Though it looks great I would, this project should not be undertaken by the inexperienced wood worker. I would also leave out the crazy shenanigans in the middle so that it’s more of a professional video, but maybe that is just how he prefers to express himself.

Woodworking Workbench Video Breakdown:

(0:51) – Review of the features of the bench;

(1:52) – Ripping, cutting, planing, and gluing; 

(4:05) – Random and unnecessary shenanigans (very skippable); 

(5:06) – Continued cutting and ripping; 

(5:29) – Sacrificial rip fence tip; 

(6:16) – Dowel joinery with domino; 

(8:02) – Home Depot run; 

(8:37) – Plywood ripping; 

(8:54) – Pocket hole screws to assemble the workbench sides; 

(10:08) – Drawer box cutting, drilling, and assembly; 

(11:51) – Sealant; 

(12:03) – Workbench drawer organization; 

(12:30) – Drawer installation; 

(13:04) – Workbench top and t-track installation; 

(14:13) – Explanation and then assembly of trim and track on the workbench top.

Unique Woodworking Workbench Video Clips:

(5:29) – He gives a great tip about using a sacrificial rip fence when using an off cut/stop block in conjunction with your miter gauge.

Ultimate Workbench + 10 Shop Storage Solutions | April Wilkerson

Work Bench Video Summary:  

The best part about this work bench video is all of the add ons and storage solutions she adds to her work bench.  Her table design is pretty straight forward, but goes into detail on her reasoning behind why she adds certain storage methods and options, which shows that she has put a lot of thought into why each element.  Whether it be this exact style of bench or another type of bench you chose to build, the options she gives can be customized to fit your specific work bench.

Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:18) – Workbench l-shaped leg assembly;

(1:01) – Attaching side panels and stretchers;

(1:34) – Plywood shelf and top stretcher assembly;

(2:50) – Plywood top;

(3:40) – French cleat hardware storage;

(4:48) – Drill storage;

(5:23) – Speed square holder;

(5:58) – Screw box holders;

(6:22) – Pencil and bit storage;

(6:45) – Mallet holders;

(6:57) – Tape Storage;

(7:11) – Quick clamp storage;

(7:59) – Bench cookie dispenser;

(8:51) – Drawers and railing system;

(10:35) – Quick Release casters;

(11:08) – Explanation of finish coat and wrap up.

Four Easy Workbench Improvements – Upgrading the Ultimate Workbench | April Wilkerson

Work Bench Video Summary:  

I liked this video number two of her series because of the features she added to her work bench.  Many of the other videos on this post just go over the mechanics of how to build a bench, which are great, but she focused most heavily on the customizations that can be added to any bench to make it more versatile and easier to use on a daily basis.  A great video overall and she has many actionable tips in this work bench video.

Work Bench Video Breakdown:

(0:54) – Adding more feet;

(2:29) – Cubbies, dividers, and removable shelf storage construction;

(4:34) – Bench vise;

(6:14) – Down draft table;

(9:11) – Bench dust sweep.

Unique Work Bench Video Clips:

(3:00) – I like how she used the cubby bottoms as a spacer when installing her dividers.

(8:45) – I liked her method for cutting out the down draft box in the top of her work bench and then how she kept the piece for future use when she didn’t want to have the down draft table showing.