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When I first got my Kreg Jig (a tool which simplifies the pocket hole creation proceess), I thought, “This looks so easy, anyone do, and with it I will make perfect joints every time.”  That thought, after much trial and error, turned out not to be exactly correct.  Yes, the Kreg Jig is very helpful, and in the right hands it can work wonders.  However, as with any tool, there are many things that you need to get right each time to create a well made joint. The tips and tricks in this post will help you get a better handle on how to create pocket holes the right way and how to best make use of them in future woodworking projects.

Beginner’s guide to pocket hole joinery | WOODWORKING BASICS | Woodoworking for Mere Mortals

Tools Used In This Pocket Hole Video:

Joinery Video Summary:  

Steve Ramsey delivers the goods once again.  He’s got tons of great tips and things to think about when using pocket holes and specifically the Kreg Jig.

Pocket Hole Video Breakdown:

(1:01) – Introduction to purpose of the video ;

(1:39) – How Pocket Screws Work;

(2:17) – Drill Bit and Screws;

(2:48) – Using the Jig;

(4:32) – Selecting the Screws;

(5:11) – Clamping and screwing;

(7:11) – Plugs (used to hide the pocket holes);

(7:48) – Final thoughts.

Unique Pocket Hole Clips:

(2:36) – I liked how he showed the cross-section of the pocket hole to show how the screw seats in the hole;

(5:11) – Steve give lots of great tips about how to use pocket hole joinery effectively.

Pocket Hole Mistakes to Avoid / Woodworking Joinery | WoodWorkWeb

Tools Used In This Pocket Hole Video:

Joinery Video Summary:  

Collin does a great job here explaining the basics of pock hole joinery but then also goes into more detail with some tips on using the tools, and why and when to use different tools in conjunction with your pocket holes.

Pocket Hole Video Breakdown:

(0:22) – Pocket hole rack he built for the jig;

(0:33) – Adjusting the vertical collar scale;

(1:06) – The drill bit scale adjustment;

(1:37) – How to think about using pocket holes: upside down then inside out;

(2:24) – Sharpening the pocket hole drill bit;

(4:29) – Examples of material strength differences when using pocket holes;

(5:38) – Use glue with the pocket holes and glue with end grain;

(6:08) – Don’t use glue with outdoor projects;

(6:41) – Avoid misaligned joints with clamps;

(7:27) – Frame clamp jig for consistent reveals.

(8:16) – Review of preferred pocket hole screws;

(11:22) – Driving screws;

(13:07) – Wrap up.

Can you make pocket holes without a jig? | Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Tools Used In This Pocket Hole Video:

Joinery Video Summary:  

Steve goes over many things that he covered in his previous video, but does a pretty good job explaining how to do pock holes without a jig at 6:17.

Pocket Hole Video Breakdown:

(0:55) – How pocket hole joinery works;

(2:58) – The geometry of  a pocket hole and why it works;

(4:25) – This is not toe nailing;

(5:03) – Toe nailing without a pocket hole (weak joint, inconsistent, and you won’t know when to stop);

(6:17) – Pocket holes without a jig (small bit first, then larger bit; can be time consuming;

(7:51) – Bottom line.

5 Kreg Jig tips & tricks you might not know about! | Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Tools Used In This Pocket Hole Video:

Joinery Video Summary:  

At the risk of making this post look like a commercial for Kreg Jig and Steve Ramsey, I included this one because he has the best videos out there on the topic of pocket holes, and specifically tips for the Kreg Jig itself.  Also, I have a Kreg Jig, and I want to remember this video in the future.

Pocket Hole Video Breakdown:

(0:00) – Why can’t you get fine thread screws longer than 1 1/2 inches? (Fine thread are for hard wood, and if they were any longer they are likely to break off due to the amount of torque required);

(1:15) – Secret bit storage;

(1:35) – Make your own work piece supports;

(2:11) – What is the little gray block for (its a stop-block);

(3:05) – Use the vacuum attachment;

(3:42) – Wrap up.

6 Ways to Plug or Fill Pocket Holes | How to | Fix This Build That

Tools Used In This Pocket Hole Video:

Joinery Video Summary:  

Brad does a great job here of giving a number of different options for wood fillers and plugs to use.  He also digs deep and give the pros and cons of each option.  Well done Brad, great information.

Pocket Hole Video Breakdown:

(0:00) – Intro;

(0:16) – Wood Filler;

(0:37) – Sawdust and wood glue;

(1:10) – Bondo;

(1:51) – Store bought plugs;

(2:34) – 3/8″ dowel angled-cut;

(3:45) – 3/8″ dowels straight-cut (his favorite method, because of ease of installation);

(4:36) – Dowel cutting jig;

(5:04) – Sanding flush;

(5:12) – Pocket hold plugs results;

(6:39) – Pros and cons of fillers vs plugs;

(7:18) – Price perspective.

We hope you enjoyed this production of “Pocket Hole Joinery Tips – 5 of the Best Videos”.  For more information about future projects, please visit us at sawdustprojects.com.  Leave us a comment below if you have a video we should add to this post.  Until next time, keep building.