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Whether you are a seasoned wood worker or just plugged in your first table saw you recently purchased for the first time, reviewing these table saw safety tips will increase safety awareness in your wood shop and can help you avoid painful mistakes in the future.  These videos go over the basics and dive into details of the do’s and don’ts of using your table saw safely.  Each of these experts focus on different things and when you follow their combined advice, you will be in a much better position to complete your future wood working projects safely.

#1  –  7 Things To Get You Started Using A Table Saw | WOODWORKING BASICS | Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Table Saw Video Summary:

Steve gives fantastic tips for both beginners and long time woodworkers.  Steve doesn’t make assumptions about what you do and don’t know and goes through the process from safety and set up, to rip cuts and cross cuts, and how to use stop blocks.  It’s a great tutorial and his editing style makes the video very easy to watch.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(0:48) – Table saw safety tips;

(1:20) – Imagine your cuts before you make them on the table saw;

(1:42) – Table saw set up and saw blades;

(2:06) – Blade installation;

(2:30) – Kickback, how to cut, and where to stand in relation to the table saw;

(3:51) – Rip cuts;

(4:50) – Step by step instructions on how to make a cut with the table saw;

(5:11) – Gripper and other push sticks;

(5:34) – Cross cuts;

(6:15) – Repeat cuts and stop blocks;

(6:44) – Stop block on rip fence.

Unique Table Saw Video Clips:

(3:26) – For beginners he has a great tip of never making freehand table saw cuts and the reasons why.

(4:30) – He has great tips for setting up the cut from the end of the table saw blade’s teeth

(7:17) – Steve has some great tips for why not to use the rip fence as a stop block when cutting small pieces.

#2  –  6 Common Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Table Saw | Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Products Used In This Table Saw Video:

Table Saw Video Summary:

Steve shares some great nuances to think about when using a table saw.  This video is focused on things not to do, but by doing so he points out the right way to use a table saw as well.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(0:45) – Supporting crosscuts on the wrong side of the table saw;

(2:05) – Cross cut sled use with the table saw;

(2:25) – Pressing against the table saw blade;

(2:53) – Not providing three directions of pressure;

(3:38) – Freehand cutting;

(3:44) – Over tightening the arbor nut on the table saw;

(5:39) – Using the rip fence for cross cuts.

Unique Table Saw Video Clips:

(2:40) – During the cut keep pressure against the fence, not the blade of the table saw.

#3  –  Table saw safety tips you forgot about (or never knew) | Stumpy Nubs

Table Saw Video Summary:

Stumpy Nubs does a great job of breaking down the the hows and whys of table saw safety.  What other videos may gloss over, this video goes a bit more in depth on why specific safety measures, such as glasses and hearing protection are so important when using a table saw.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(1:30) – Blade guard prevents kickback when the board gets pinched;

(2:11) – Riving knife or aftermarket splitter in conjunction with the blade guard;

(4:12) – Safety glasses and hearing protection;

(6:05) – Push sticks;

(7:32) – Dust mask;

(8:00) – Metal detector for reclaimed wood;

(8:31) – A table saw shouldn’t be used to cut rough lumber;

(9:12) – 8 things to inspect before using a table saw;

(10:54) – 4 questions to ask before using a table saw.

Unique Table Saw Video Clips:

(6:05) – I liked how he gave a rule of thumb for when to use push sticks.

#4  –  Woodworking Tips: Table Saw Safety Tips| WoodWorkers Guild Of America

Table Saw Video Summary:

I really liked the tip he gave about the need for the out-feed table.  Just because you think you are safe in how you consciously use your table saw, if you get distracted by trying to grab a piece of wood as it falls off the table saw, your safety might become easily compromised.  His tips that jewelry should not be worn and what type of clothing to wear is also things that most people don’t connect with table saw safety.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(0:48) – Out feed table;

(1:25) – Where you stand behind the saw;

(1:54) – Push sticks used when making cuts that are 3” or less;

(3:00) – What you should and shouldn’t wear;

(3:32) – Let the blade stop before taking them off the table

(3:50) – Cutting kerfs on your table saw;

(5:00) – Kerf cutting basics on the table saw.

Unique Table Saw Video Clips:

(1:25) – Don’t position yourself between the two miter gauge slots when cutting on a table saw.

(4:18) – Always disconnect power when changing the table saw setup.

#5  –  Table Saw Safety | This Old House

Products Used In This Table Saw Video:

Table Saw Video Summary:

This is a short video but it covers a lot of ground and they go through each of these tips very quickly.  His specific saw that will stop the blade if it touches your finger is really cool, but the downside is that you would have to get a new saw blade and a new brake system for that particular table saw, which is better than losing a finger.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(0:05) – Blade basics and avoiding kickback on the table saw;

(0:24) – Splitter and spring loaded pawls prevent kickback on the table saw;

(1:01) – Importance of out-feed table for your table saw;

(1:17) – Feather-boards used with the rip fence of your table saw;

(1:40) – Push sticks;

(2:00) – Cross cuts and the miter gauge;

(2:33) – Technology unique to his saw

Unique Clips:

(2:00) – Never use the rip fence to make a cross cut on the table saw.

#6  –  Shop Safety: Table Saw Experience | The Wood Whisperer

Tools used in this Table Saw Safety Tips Video:

Table Saw Video Summary:

He went over many of the important aspects to think about.  The one thing I really liked was how he demonstrated a kick switch that he installed on his table saw for when you need to stop the table saw without relinquishing pressure on the board that is already half way cut on the table saw.  Not many other safety tip videos have mentioned this as being an issue, and the kick switch helps him avoid dangerous kickback. Check out the TWW’s full post on this video here.

Table Saw Video Breakdown:

(0:42) –Push sticks, feather-boards, board buddies

(1:37) – Splitter or riving knife and zero clearance insert;

(2:27) – Preventing kickback; standing in the right place and pushing in the right direction on your table saw;

(5:27) – Don’t push through the heavy point when cutting a board and using his kick switch.

Unique Table Saw Video Clips:

(2:13) – He notes that he has a red zero clearance insert on his table saw to remind you that your finger should not be anywhere in that area of the table saw.

(5:27) – Demonstration of his kick switch.

What table saw safety videos have been helpful to you?  Leave a comment below with a link to a table saw safety video that we missed.

The 6 Best Table Saw Tutorials for Safety Tips #sawdustprojects