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Scott is a hobby woodworker who enjoys building and working on projects for the home. He has been dabbling in woodworking for the last 10 years and is always looking for new techniques and way to improve his skills.

8 Best Sawhorses for Woodworking

When a full-blown outfeed table or heavy-duty workbench is out of the question for your workshop or jobsite, the sawhorse is the go-to option for a stable platform from which to build your next project. As one of the unsung heroes in your arsenal of tools, the sawhorse hits well above its weight class in terms of benefits it brings [...]

8 Best Sawhorses for Woodworking2020-12-04T15:57:02-07:00

8 Best Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws, or what has come to be commonly known as sawzalls, have become a must-have tool in the modern woodworker’s and DIYer’s tool-belt. Not known as a fine crafting tool, the reciprocating saw is often used for demolition purposes, and will cut through wood, nails, rebar, and metal pipe quicker than most other tools out there. When looking for [...]

8 Best Reciprocating Saws2020-11-06T15:48:04-07:00
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